Burn and Pillage is the thirteenth issue of the series.


Link and Zelda come across the Skull Kid, who is wearing Majora's Mask. He was the one crying for help, although no one is there. Zelda suggests that the boy was crying wolf. Out in the ocean, the escape pod containing ganondorf and Vaati lands, and they wash up on an island containing the Triforce of Power. Meanwhile, Davy Jones rounds up his crewmen and orders them to ransack Termina until they find Link and Zelda. However, because Davy Jones can not walk on land for another nine years (the last time he did was a year ago, in T3H Metroid Galaxy 2), he puts Palifico is charge of the attack. He also forces the Writer and Dracog to stay behind, due to their possible mutiny. Davy Jones intimidates the Writer, by showing him a large wheel emblazoned with an image of the Kraken (presumably the Kraken Hammer, used to summon the Kraken) and says that the Writer knows what will get his friends if they escape. The Writer says that they will escape the Kraken like the last two times, and Davy Jones says that they won't if they have a Black Spot.


  • Davy Jones can only walk on land once a decade. He did so in T3H Metroid Galaxy 2, which occured a year ago. Therefore, this matches up with his statement that he can not walk on land for another nine years.

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