But How Does that Make you Feel? is the twenty-seventh issue of the series.


Link, Zelda, the Writer, and Midna see the Hilton Fortress from a cliff. Meanwhile, Ganondorf and Zant see Paris through some kind of mirror-TV, and decide to stop her before she interferes with their plans. Dracog is walking, dejected, though the streets in the rain when he suddenly bumps into J. Peterman of the J. Peterman catalog company. Paris sneaks up behind the Writer when the others aren't looking and asks him to help her. He reluctantly refuses, and she walks away, saying that he'll help her eventually. Pickett sets off to look for Dracog.


  • Dracog's meeting with Peterman, including bumping into him in the rain, is a parody of how Elaine first met Peterman on Seinfeld.

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