Duel with Majora is the nineteenth issue of the series.


Palifico and his men beat up Ganondorf and Vaati, and Link and Zelda escape. They come across the Skull Kid again. Because he seems to be stalking them, Zelda suggests the name "Stalkid" for him, but Link suggests his actual name of Skull Kid. The Skull Kid turns into Majora's Mask, and says "Let's play money making game!", he then pulls out three cups and asks Link which contains a rupee. Link guesses wrong, and so Majora battles them. Link reflects Majora's energy ball back at the mask and it explodes, revealing the Triforce of Wisdom.


  • Skull Kid's suggested name of Stalkid is a reference to his original Japanese name.
  • "Let's play money making game" is a badly-translated line spoken by a man in the original Legend of Zelda.

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