The following is a list of locations in T3H Metroid Galaxy.


Aether is the planet where the third season takes place. The planet is dimensionally split in half, forming a Light and Dark Aether. Only a specific upgrade allows safe passage through Dark Aether for those who do not reside their naturally. Dark Aether's evil residents are the Ing, while Light Aether's are the peaceful Luminoth. Dark Aether collapses after the Emperor Ing is destroyed.


The Ark is a relic used to activate the Halo rings. The High Prophet of Truth attempts to activate it. It is destroyed by Master Chief.


Brinstar is the rocky first underground level of Zebes. Kraid resides here.


Bryyo was the planet Rundas was sent to, looking for Dark Samus.

DHARMA stationEdit

A DHARMA Initiative station from Lost is the setting for the ninth season. It is controlled by Mother Brain.

Dragon KingdomEdit

The Dragon Kingdom is ruled by Dracog. Mentioned briefly only once, it is explored much later when the group attempts to find the Future Writer's half of the Duo Stone. Sykes takes over in a coup as a puppet king.


Elysia and its floating city, SkyTown, was the planet Ghor was sent to, looking for Dark Samus.


A mysterious island somewhere in the ocean. The plane the group is flying in crashes here during the sixth season.

Latham, MassachusettsEdit

The fictional town of Latham, Massachusetts was featured in the series finales of both T3H Metroid Galaxy and Seinfeld. The town's Good Samaritan Law is what puts Samus, Oveur, and the Writer in jail for a year.


Norfair is the lava-filled second underground level of Zebes. Ridley resides here.


Norion is the capital of the Galactic Federation that gets attacked by the Space Pirates.


A space station called Oubliette is the housing facility for Gorea. It is destroyed along with Gorea by Samus.


Phaaze is a planet made entirely from Phazon, and Dark Samus's base. It is destroyed along with Dark Samus.

Pirate HomeworldEdit

The Pirate Homeworld was the planet Gandrayda was sent to, looking for Dark Samus. It is the homeworld of the Space Pirates.

Power MountainEdit

The mountain whose summit contains the Jewel of Power.

The Race CourseEdit

A race course in an unspecified location is the site of the race in the eighth season.

Tallon IVEdit

Tallon IV is the planet where the second season takes place. The planet is filled with radioactive Phazon.


Zebes is the planet where the first season takes place. The planet explodes after Mother Brain is destroyed.

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