Throughout T3H Metroid Galaxy, many pop culture references are made, these make up a large part of the comic's humor. Dialogue, scenes, and even entire seasons are derived from various pop culture elements.

Airplane! SeriesEdit

  • Captain Oveur is named after the character of the same name from Airplane. Their personalities are also similar.
  • References are made to a play on words involving the words surely and Shirley, a joke from the Airplane! series. The "That's not important right now" gag is also a reference to Airplane!.

All your Base are Belong to Us/Zero WingEdit

  • The famous, poorly dubbed phrase "All your base are belong to us" makes an appearance.
  • An entire issue takes its dialogue from Zero Wing's opening cutscene, including famous phrases like "All your base are belong to us" and "make your time".


  • The Fangirls are supposedly "anime-obsessed" and make references to such animes as Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, Zatch Bell, and Pokemon.

Avenue QEdit

  • Oveur sings the song "I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today" in one issue.

Back to the Future SeriesEdit

  • The time-traveling DeLorean makes several appearances, as well as several issues with names that are puns on the phrase "Back to the Future".

Chuck NorrisEdit

  • Chuck Norris makes many appearances, mostly accompanied with a "Chuck Norris Fact".

The Demented Cartoon MovieEdit

  • Zeeky H. Bomb and the phrase "Zooky Boogy Doog" are referenced.

"Do a Barrel Roll!"/Star Fox 64Edit

How to Kill a MockingbirdEdit

  • The Internet movie is referenced, as well as several of its twisted characters, who are parodies of their real To Kill a Mockingbird counterparts.

James BondEdit

  • Oveur and Pickett have a discussion very similar to the "I want you to die" scene from Goldfinger.


  • Scott and Steve and their later name confusion is a reference to a running gag on Lost.
  • Samus and Oveur find a Dharma Initiative video clip.
  • Samus and Oveur are stranded on an island with a polar bear as part of a deus ex machina.
  • When Samus and Oveur destroy the alternate future, several Lost references are made, including a timer with the number 108, and the SYSTEM FAILURE phrase being repeated as the bomb detonates.
  • The entire sixth season is a parody of Lost. To see the individual parodies, see the respective issue pages.

The MatrixEdit

  • Samus's bullet time moves in her fight against Kanden are references to the Matrix.

Numa Numa/Dragostea Din TeiEdit

  • The Numa Numa Dance is done by Samus and Oveur in one issue.

Pirates of the Caribbean SeriesEdit

  • The plot of T3H Metroid Galaxy 2 was based off leaked plot elements from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. In addition, the characters of Davy Jones and his pet, the Kraken, are based off their Pirates of the Caribbean counterparts.

The Princess BrideEdit

  • In Issue 100, Bad Grammar Boy continously repeats an altered version of Inigo Montoya's famous phrase-"My name is Bad Grammar Boy. You killed my friend. Prepare to die."

Pro Wrestling (Video Game)Edit

Red vs BlueEdit

  • Oveur frequently says Tucker's catchphrase, "Bow chicka bow wow".
  • The Red vs Blue characters appear in T3H Metroid Galaxy 2.


  • Schfiftyfive is referenced in an issue in which Samus and Oveur randomly sing the song.


  • The entire (original) series finale is based off the Seinfeld series finale. Jackie Chiles is also a reference to the same character from Seinfeld.

Snakes on a PlaneEdit

  • The crash of the plane the main characters are on is a reference to Snakes on a Plane.

Star Trek SeriesEdit

  • Oveur believes that a Diamont is something from Star Trek.

Star Wars SeriesEdit

  • King Dracog's revelation to Ridley that Dracog is his father is a parody of the climactic revealtion from Star Wars: Episode V-The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Samus believes that a Diamont is something from Star Wars.

Super Smash Bros. MeleeEdit

  • The scene introducing the Writer is a parody of the "New Character" screen from Super Smash Bros. Melee.

"They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard!"Edit

  • This line of Legolas's from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was later made into a rap-style flash video, along with a few other Lord of the Rings quotes. The video was referenced in a deleted scene, in which the Writer states, after Samus and Oveur have been captured by Pickett, "They're taking the heroes to Isengard!"
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