Midna is a minor character in the series.

Midna from T3H Zelda Galaxy
First appearanceExecution
Last appearanceNone
NamePrincess Midna
ProfessionPrincess of the Twilight Realm


Midna appears in two forms. Her natural form is that of a tall young woman with very long hair, which Ganondorf notices covers up her "extremities". However, when he and Zant usurp the throne from her, they transform her into a strange floating imp, which appears as a stick figure, floating in the air, with a large, H-shaped helmet that covers her right eye.


Midna was heir to the throne of the Twilight Realm until Zant, with the help of Ganondorf, took it from her and changed her into an imp-like creature. She comes to the main characters, and enlists them into helping her find the three Fused Shadows, armor pieces that can stop Zant.

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