Oh Noes a Seizure! is the seventeenth issue of the series.


Zelda is watching a "stupid kid's show" when suddenly she suffers a seizure (implied to be from the bright lights and explosions, see Parodies/References), causing Link to go look for help. He stumbles upon the Four Giants, whom he asks to stop the moon from falling. They demand 10 million dollars, and Link reminds them that rupees are the currency in Hyrule, not dollars. He sets out to find a way to get 10 million rupees. Suddenly he finds Jackie Chiles again, and enlists his help in suing the company who created the TV show that gave Zelda the seizure. 30 minutes later, the case is won and Link exits with 10 million rupees in damages, which he pays the Four Giants with. He and Zelda watch as the Giants prepare to catch the falling moon.


  • It is heavily implied that the show Zelda was watching was the animated Pokemon series. She mentiones it as a "kid's show", and it also gives her a seizure from the bright lights and explosions. An episode of the show, aired only in Japan, put hundreds of children in the hospital from seizures, due to bright lights in the episode. After the court lawsuit is won, Jackie Chiles mentions that the episode of the show Zelda was watching will never be aired again, referring to how the episode of the show was never aired anywhere ever again.

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