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Oveur the Amazing is a joke issue, considered a special. It is labeled as "Issue 71.5" and would theoretically take place between issues 71 and 72, however, the plot is clearly non-canon.


The "issue" begins with Samus and the Writer (who has devil horns and a pitchfork) stranded "in the middle of nowhere". Suddenly, "Super Oveur", which is Oveur wearing a cape, flies down and says he will save Samus from evil, proceeding to shoot the Writer in the head. Ridley then shows up and and says that he was going to attack Samus, but now that Oveur has shown up, Ridley doesn't stand a chance. Samus then asks Oveur if he wants to come to her "games room", and points to the door leading to it. Then enter, and the word "games" on the door falls off to reveal "bed", making the real word "bedroom". From this point on the camera remains outside the door, not showing the reader what is going on inside. Oveur says that he thought the room was a games room, and Samus says it is. Strange noises can then be heard as Samus and Oveur agree that what they are playing is a fun game, and then Oveur says that she hit his chute with her ladder, implying that they are playing Chutes and Ladders.


  • This issue clearly takes place in Oveur's imagination, as none of the events in the story (Oveur flying, Oveur killing the Writer, Ridley fearing Oveur, Samus and Oveur having sex) would ever happen in the real comic.
  • The plot (a normally made fun of character becoming powerful and feared) is reminiscent of the joke episode of Red vs Blue, "Episode 45.9-The Greatest Episode Ever", in which Simmons becomes a hero who can fly and defeat enemies easily. The episode had been made entirely by Simmons' voice actor, Gustavo Sorola, and used cheap paper cutouts instead of actual Halo footage.
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