Paris Hilton is a main character of the series.

Paris Hilton
File:Paris Hilton.PNG
Paris Hilton from T3H Zelda Galaxy
First appearanceHonor, Suicide, and Slavery
Last appearanceNone
NameParis Hilton
ProfessionAbsolutely nothing


She is drawn as a normal stick figure with long hair and sunglasses.


Paris was enslaved to Davy Jones for "being a naughty girl". Her original sentence of 100 years was reduced to 20 because she did Davy Jones a "little favor". Her dog Tinkerbell is accidentally killed by the Writer, and she forces him to be her slave for the next 20 years. However, he doesn't seem to mind. She later has a mental breakdown, according to Zelda, and shoots Pickett and attacks the others.

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