Pickett from T3H Metroid Galaxy
First appearanceOMGWTF New Characters
Last appearanceNone
NameDanny Pickett
StatusAlive (Fell into vat of acid, fell through broken panel, swarmed by Davy Jones' minions, accidentally blown up by Ridley, permanently killed by electrocution by the Future Writer but reincarnated)
ProfessionSecond in command of Dracog's forces
Pickett from T3H Zelda Galaxy
First appearanceReunion with Pocket
Last appearanceThe Finale
NameDanny Pickett
StatusAlive (Shot by Paris Hilton)
ProfessionAlly of Dracog

Danny Pickett, more commonly called Pickett, is a main character of the series.


Pickett appears as a generic stick figure with eyes and a bowler/derby hat.


T3H Metroid GalaxyEdit

Pickett is the henchman of King Dracog. Pickett is very headstrong and arrogant, causing his death on three occasions. He steals the Writer's pencil in season 4 and uses it until the first issue of season 5. Pickett falls into a vat of acid in season 4, but reincarnates, only to die again in season 5, this time falling through a missing panel. In T3H Metroid Galaxy 2, he is killed by Davy Jones's minions after killing one with his bowler hat. He participated in "the race" but died after falling over a cliff, caused by a bomb set by Ridley intended for Samus. This is the first time his death has not been caused by his arrogance. He recently reappeared with the Writer's pencil, again, showing that he is back alive. Later, he helps Samus and the others in their quest to stop the Future Writer. He is killed permanently by the Future Writer after saving Dracog.

T3H Zelda GalaxyEdit

Pickett returns in T3H Zelda Galaxy, revived by a mysterious entity he dubs "some guy". He and Dracog make a getaway with a Fused Shadow, and try to ally themselves with Paris Hilton, although this ends badly for Pickett, who is shot twice by Paris. He dies after saying "Bosco", but is revived again by the mysterious person.


  • It has recently been revealed that his first name is Danny. This would seem to be a reference to a particularly hostile Other named Danny Pickett from the TV show Lost, which T3H Metroid Galaxy freqeuntly mentions. However, Lost is never credited in the disclaimer, meaning that his name may simply be an homage to Lost and not a direct reference deserving of a mention in the disclaimer.
  • Pickett is the only character to die and be reincarnated in the same season. In fact, this has happened to him twice, once in T3H Metroid Galaxy and once in T3H Zelda Galaxy. In both series, he is the only character to have this distinction.
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