Plot Twist is the twenty-fifth issue of the series.


Dracog and Pickett enlist a confused Paris, grab the Fused Shadow, and make a break for it, with Link, Zelda, the Writer, and Midna hot on their trail. Dracog, Pickett, and Paris arrive at a beach, and Dracog says that an unseen boat is waiting for them. Paris does not want to go, and Pickett gets increasingly agitated with her. Link, Zelda, the Writer, and Midna arrive just in time to see Paris pull out a pistol and shoot Pickett twice in the chest. Dracog drags his badly wounded friend onboard the small sailboat. Zelda suspects that Paris has had a mental breakdown due to Tinkerbell's death, and Paris turns her gun to the heroes.


  • Paris's killing of Pickett is a parody of a spoiler for an upcoming episode of Lost, in which Juliet betrays the Others and shoots Pickett twice on a beach.

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