Reunion is the twelfth issue of the series.


Davy Jones is playing his pipe organ loudly, drowning out the Writer's calls to Link and Zelda. The two wash up in Termina. Meanwhile, the Writer is being forced to wash the decks of the Flying Dutchman II, and being bullied by two other crewmen. Suddenly, someone appears and tells them to "lay off the noob," this person is revealed to be King Dracog. Dracog tells the Writer that he was revived from death by Davy Jones, but he must now serve on the Flying Dutchman II forever. The two are forced back to work by Davy Jones. One of his crewmen, a higher-up named Palifico, suggests that the two may try to escape. Davy Jones thus puts Palifico is charge of making sure they do not. Meanwhile, Link and Zelda hear someone calling for help.


  • The notes Davy Jones is playing on his organ correspond exactly with the notes of his theme song from Pirates of the Caribbean.

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