Reunion with Pocket is the twenty-fourth issue of the series.


Midna explains that to stop Zant they must find the three Fused Shadows, ancient pieces of armor similar to her stone helmet. Link finds one and starts to pick it up, however someone else grabs it, and Link asks if the person is "Pocket". It turns out he is actually none other than Pickett, who notices Dracog. The two run towards each other through a field of flowers until they collide with Link, who was standing between them. Dracog asks how Pickett was revived, and he mysteriously responds that "some guy" brought him back to life. Pickett mentions that they only need Bad Grammar Boy to bring back their "posse", and Dracog tells him about Bad Grammar Boy's revenge fueled attack on the Future Writer. The two wonder how could be "stupid and oblivious" enough to replace Bad Grammar Boy, and they both turn and look at Paris.

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