Samus Aran from T3H Metroid Galaxy
First appearanceThe Origin
Last appearanceNone
NameSamus Aran
ProfessionBounty hunter, hero

Samus Aran is the main character of the series.


She is drawn as a stick figure with a rectangle instead of an arm (the rectangular arm is always the arm in the direction Samus is facing). She has a circular head with a rectangular visor that starts at the front edge of her helmet and stops right before the back edge. Samus is the only helmeted character with eyes, so she can be told apart from other helmeted characters. Her helmet is not shaded in, leaving it white.


Samus's history is shrouded in mystery. She is an orphan, as in the games, but her parents were not killed by Ridley, unlike the games. An explanation regarding Samus's parents will be revealed in The Future Writer Chronicles.


Samus initially works alone in the first issue, but is captured by Ridley and manages to escape. She is joined by Captain Oveur, Stupid, Stupider, Scott, and Steve. Oveur eventually becomes her best friend and partner. Samus is usually the only smart character in the series, and the only one to frequently use common sense. She apparently "saves the universe on a daily basis". She owed her soul to Davy Jones for an unspecified reason (later revealed to be because Davy Jones rebuilt her ship, the Hunter, for her), but the debt was ended when she destroyed him. Samus is also the only long-time main character to not die at some point in the series (King Dracog and the Writer also survive through the whole series, but are not long-time characters, as they only appeared in seasons 4 and 5, with the Writer also appearing in season 6).

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Samus's only true friends are Oveur and the Writer. She appears to be enemies with Mother Brain, Ridley, and Kraid, but because they help her escape her debt with Davy Jones, their current status as her enemies is unknown.


A love triangle between the three main heroes began developing in the sixth season, although Oveur has made several crude advances towards her during the series. He becomes overprotective of her and jealous of her friendship with the Writer, which culminates when she suddenly kisses the Writer in their jail cell as the trio are set to be fed to the smoke monster. Oveur is also known to be jealous of any male who gets too close to Samus, such as Sylux (although his suspicions about Sylux being evil turn out to be true).

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