During the week of September 10, several T3H Metroid Galaxy shorts were released to tide fans over until the continuation of the series on September 17 (although the release date was not announced yet when the shorts started appearing). The word "short" is used to describe the fact that the issues are non-canon and separate from the normal series timeline, the issues themselves are no shorter than a regular issue. These issues introduce the new TMG logo, and each short ends by reminding readers that the series will continue in September.

Short 1: "Back to the...what?"Edit

This short begins with Samus and Oveur driving a car. They pass some railroad tracks, and see that the gates are closing. Samus daringly tries to drive past them, but the car stalls out on the tracks. As the train bears down on the two terrified heroes, it suddenly reaches 88 miles per hour and blasts into another time period, leaving two fire trails on the tracks. Samus exclaims "Great Scott!" The short is a parody of Back to the Future.

Short 2: "Haha!"Edit

In this short, many people are lined up at 11:59 PM on September 24, waiting for the 12:01 release of Halo 3. One fan comments on the merits of Halo 3, but can't think of anything beyond "HD graphics" and "multiplayer." Another mentions that whoever is first in line must be a huge Halo fan. 12:01 arrives and a Bungie employee hands the first copy of Halo 3 to the first person in line-the Writer. The employee asks the Writer what he, as the first Halo 3 owner, is going to do next, promting the Writer to break the disc over his knee, yelling "SUCK IT HALO!" He then walks out calmly, leaving the astonished fans behind. One comments that his dreams have been ruined.

Short 3: "Spoiler Alert"Edit

Ridley is waiting in line for the movie of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, with two fans dressed in wizard garb waiting behind him. They are amazed to see a dragon, and start trying to get Ridley's attention. When this fails, one mentions that Ridley must be stupid, so the other throws a rock at his head. A now very annoyed Ridley says "Snape Kills Dumbledore," causing the two fans to scream "NOOOOOOOOO!"

Fake Trailer: "Metrolled"Edit

On September 13, a trailer for the new continuation was released. It begins with Samus and Oveur introducing the trailer, followed by the production logos that have accompanied the other trailers. A title card reads "In a world where evil reigns, only one person can stop it," but the scene suddenly cuts to Rick Astley singing "Never Gonna Give You Up" for the rest of the trailer (technical difficulties are blamed), an Internet meme known as Rickrolling. The title of the fake trailer foreshadows this. The end reveals that the new continuation will begin on September 17.

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