T3H Zelda Galaxy is a hand-drawn, black and white stick figure comedy comic series. It is made by the creators of T3H Metroid Galaxy. The plot of the series and several of its characters are drawn from the Legend of Zelda video game series. The series tells the story of Link, a sword wielding hero, and his adventures. The story uses comedy elements such as self-humor, breaking the fourth wall, running gags, and, most commonly, parodies of popular culture elements, usually media elements such as TV shows, movies, or video games, to achieve its humorous effect.

T3H Zelda Galaxy
T3H Zelda Galaxy
Season 1 (1-10) - Season 2 (11-20) - Season 3 (21-30)
Special Issues
T3H Super Smash Bros. Galaxy
Main Characters
Heroes: Link - Zelda - The Writer
Villains: Ganondorf - Vaati - Zant
Returning Villains: King Dracog - Ridley - Pickett
Neutral: Davy Jones - Paris Hilton
Minor Characters
List of minor characters - Midna - The Kraken
Other Articles
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